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2008 Ducati 1098

2005 Kawasaki ZX6R 636

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About Steve Bucaro Racing

In April of 1998, three months after my 20th birthday, I was a victim of a motor vehicle accident which resulted in my becoming a paraplegic. Paralyzed from the chest down and in a wheelchair, I spent the next year learning how to live as a paraplegic and how to maneuver life on this new path. Before the accident, my passion was cars and motorcycles. I had built different vehicles, and raced Off-Road over the years. But my passion and dream had always been to ride/race a motorcycle again. Learning that your dreams and passions were swiped away and possibly changed forever was very difficult.


After much thought, I changed my focus and realized that being disabled brings with it limitations, but it only means that I do things a little different. I am still capable of my dreams and passions, I just had to go about it differently. Now, my determination and perseverance have brought me to where I am today. I have continued to build and race and people are able to see what I have accomplished while living in a wheelchair.


As an Ambassador for the handicap and a representative in the paraplegic racing community, the amount of exposure for everyone involved would be beneficial. The compassion for racing and sport/industry while supporting handicap people is made possible through sponsorships. This support helps to shine light on the idea that being handicap is not a limit on your ability to accomplish dreams, but dream a whole new life with endless possibilities while helping those in your community. 

Thank You to My Sponsors


Steve “Wheels” Bucaro

1268 East Avenue R-2

Palmdale, California 93550

(661) 609-0734


FB: Steve Wheels

IG: @stevewheelsbucaro

Twitter: @wheelsbucaro

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